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A tour of Scandinavia was organised for September 1995, however Scoot decided not to go due to problems at home, so he was replaced by Denis (of Blood Sucking Freaks) & permanently by Chris Gascoigne (of Suffer) after the tour. Tom Croft also left just before the tour and he was replaced by Wayne Southworth (also of Blood Sucking Freaks). While on the Scandinavian tour Doom recorded the Monarchy Zoo 7" EP at Sunlight Studios...

The band, now comprised of Stick, Bri, Denis, Wayne and Chris. They went into the studio in June 1996 and recorded a full LP for Flat Earth, called "Rush Hour of the Gods". In 97 the band recorded again for Flat Earth the split 10" with CRESS & in 2001 the last full length LP entitled "World of Shit" on Vinyl Japan Recs..

Bri would go on to join Khang (As Bass player), this band then evolving into LAZARUS BLACKSTAR. Stick was also drummer for the band RUIN..
Bri, Stick and Wayne also played in the band THE DEVILS.

DOOM reformed again with Bri, Stick, Wayne and Andy Irvine (ex DISAFFECT, SCATHA and DEVILS).

....On March 18, 2005 Wayne Southworth (lead singer) died at his home. The cause of death was an epileptic seizure.....

2010: Doom is back…. the line-up keeps it “in the family”: ..Bri – Guitar, Stick – Drums, Scoot – Bass, Denis - Vocals

DOOM è presentato in Italia da POISON FOR SOULS

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