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You may not know of Julien Sagot (surname pronounced Saa-goh), but if you follow French Canadian music or just Canadian music in general, you’ve probably heard of the indie band Karkwa, which, of course, won the 2010 Polaris Music Prize. Sagot is the percussionist in Karkwa, but like lead singer Louis-Jean Cormier, he has pursued a solo career on the side. Valse 333, the word “valse” translates as “waltz” referencing the fact that many of the songs are in a 3/4 time signature, is Sagot’s new solo album (his surname is just credited on the cover, but Amazon and other sources, including publicity, is listing the record under his full name). The album is in French, save for some broken English on the opening cut, “Avion”, but music is a universal language, and the results of Valse 333 make for a hypnotic, arty, mesmerizing listen. Sagon has been compared with Serge Gainsbourg in the French Canadian media, and that point of reference is somewhat apt, as Sagot makes challenging and uncompromising experimental pop.

JULIEN SAGOT è presentato in Italia da O'LIVE

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