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»The idea has come to me that what I want to do now is to saturate every atom. I mean to eliminate all waste, deadness, superfluity: to give the moment whole; whatever it includes. It must include nonsense; fact; sordidity; but made transparent.« – Virginia Woolf, 1928 

The principle that every idea must be reduced to its essential quality in order to realize its potential, became Lack's guiding light in the process of composing their third album. The title Saturate Every Atom thus contains all the premises of the album: always compress, always concentrate, never compromise. 

The third chapter in the story of one of Denmark's hardest working rock bands shows with all clarity that their desire for experiments and challenges is fully intact. It has remained so since Blues Moderne: Danois Explosifs (2001), a vanguard in confrontational, rugged hardcore, through the dark, hard hitting aesthetic of post-hardcore Be There Pulse (2005), to Saturate Every Atom, a rocked up, melodic, yet aggressive approach to the band's fundamental identity. 

Saturate Every Atom is Lack exploring and concentrating their capacity for rock. The result is a compact, supple and explosive exclamation mark that in spite of sporting 13 tracks just barely sneaks above the 30 minutes mark, with only one track counting more than 3 minutes of playtime. 

No-nonsense in every aspect Saturate Every Atom is not a record for puritans and others easily offended. The album contains textual observations, comments and provocations showing a band not afraid of its radical politics. A rarity amongst musicians in our time's culture of appeasement and compromise. Lamenting the destruction of collective free spaces, male domination and Denmark's asylum policy are amongst subjects dissected in a surprising, intelligent and poetic manner. 

Be the lyrics sombre, Saturate Every Atom is not a fatalist album driven by unambitious pessimism. The songs of Lack express zest and a restless energy released at the sound of a fast click count and a sturdy beat. For all songs depart from a punk aesthetic - in sound, text and attitude. Nothing fancy, only insisting hook lines and staccato riffs delivered concisely and catchy. 

Saturate Every Atom is made possible by a dedication to the practice of 'Do It Yourself' and Lack has cooperated exclusively with people they know, trust and respect. Per Chnöeld (Menfolk) has produced, independent label and personal friends Play/Rec release, and Plastic Kid (The Fashion) is, as always, responsible for anything graphic. 

The record is partially mixed by Lack and the mastering has been delicately executed by Bob Weston (Shellac), whose respectful touch has done justice to the album's naked, transparent and simple sound. Bob Weston is known for working with bands Sebadoh, Wilco, Tortoise and June of 44.

LACK è presentato in Italia da POISON FOR SOULS

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