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Men Eater came together as a band in a pretty casual way, in the back seat of a van, while heading back home from a festival in Spain. Mike (guitar), Carlos (guitar), Sérgio (vocals) and BB (drums) all had different projects. By bouncing ideas, all of a sudden, it struck them as a bolt of lightning why the fuck don’t we start a project together? It took shape in a day and became a reality on the next. Without any plans on how to conquer the world or similar, they just shared love for good music and enough inspiration to start writing the first songs almost immediately. After five weeks of rehearsals and with bass player João already on board, they decided to record a self-titled EP. A vicious bomb of sludge/crust riffs mixed with stoner and ambient influences. Gigging pretty regularly, the quintet played all over the country sharing stages with names so diverse as The Ocean or Madball and by the time they started writing new songs, the buzz around them was already overwhelming. Unfortunately, around that same time, the band decided to split with Sérgio but that didn’t stop them. Fuelled by the excellent reactions they were getting, the four musicians with guitar player Mike now also handling vocals faced the composition of new material with a newborn confidence. «HELLSTONE», the debut full-length record, is a perfect reflection of that. The album contains ten powerful songs, which were built on the foundation already set on the EP while also bringing a whole lot of different influences to the table. «HELLSTONE» was recorded at the infamous BlackSheep Studios by Makoto Yagiu (If Lucy Fell, Riding Panico), mixed at the Red Room Recording, Seattle, by Chris Common (These Arms Are Snakes / Mouth Of The Architect / The Coma Recovery) and mastered by Ed Brooks (Isis, Pearl Jam).

MEN EATER è presentato in Italia da POISON FOR SOULS

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