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Ms.White was born in March 2007 when Andre (Screaming) meets Paul (Drums/Vocals) and they decide to set up a screamo band. After a first period in which they played with Andre (Bass) and Dani (Guitar), the band felt the necessity to strengthen its sound with a second guitar. Due to personal problems Dani was forced to leave the band and Kawa replaced him. Completing the line-up with Dada (Guitar) in September they began writing new songs. Then In December they meet Al and T from Goddass that decide to produce the band in their new recording studio: Bro Studios. Now the band is recording its first Ep. Meanwhile Ms.White began playing live shows sharing the stage with great bands as: Adam Kills Eve, The Electric Diorama, Hell dorado,Dog Deads Walking, Soldiers Of A Wrong War, For Mistake, Riself, Magnolia, Lacrimachristi, Goddass, My Agony, Where Everything Is, First Impression Of Beauty, Saturday Ends and Drain The Dragon.

MS.WHITE è presentato in Italia da GHOST AGENCY

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