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My First Failure – 5 Kids playing Hardcore Music just as they love it. A literally passionate band, taking Hardcore serious and giving everything live on stage. In 2006 the band was totally completed by asking Alexa, our Lady to join the band, knowing that she would fit in perfectly. In the following month My First Failure were hitting the road as often as they could, playing every show they were able to. Later they recorded their first Demo in DIY-Production called “Gone For Years”, which was sold out after 3 months. In summer 2007 MFF joint the Sandcastle Records Family and in Fall of 2007 recorded their Debut Full-Length, named “THE COLOR”, to be released in January of 2008. In 2008 MFF is looking forward to sharing the stage with bands like Miles Away, Melt Down, Reign Supreme, Death Before Dishonor or Gold Kids and hitting the roads and tour as often as they can! Hope to see you guys out there soon!

MY FIRST FAILURE è presentato in Italia da POISON FOR SOULS

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