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Formed in Madrid by five school kids who loved GARAGE-PUNK, 60'S MUSIC, PUNK ROCK and NEW WAVE in the late 80's. SEX MUSEUM evolved in a powerful HARD-ROCK orientated GARAGE band where their strong vocalist and the roary HAMMOND gives them an original and recognisable sound. Their PURPLE/ STEPPENWOLF/ RARE EARTH influences are fuelled by a rhythm section capable of finding a common place between THE WHO, AC/DC and THE SONICS. Their live sets are real ass kicking experiences, and their intensity is so real and ferocious that you can hate their sound and still enjoy their show. They're one of the most solid and independent bands of the Spanish alternative scene, never taken seriously by the musical press because of their a temporal and constantly out of trend R'n'R vision. If Spain is the r'n'r desert, these are five nomads of the sands who want to take you on their ACID R'n'R TRIP. Only success could destroy them, try to see them before that happens!!!.

SEX MUSEUM è presentato in Italia da CORNER SOUL

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