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'The Lesson' was founded in february 2007 when four young guys decided to make their own music! The first few months they shared the rehearsal room with other great bands from aschaffenburg (My First Failure, A Way Back Home, So Far Away) before they moved in their own room! After about six months of practising and disagreements about the direction of their music and a band name, they finally found their style and after a few lineup changes they also found their fifth band member. The music is affected by things you could see in daily life, e.g. problems with society, values and idols we share, but also love and friendship. We play some kind of melodic new school stuff mixed with some old school hc beats! The band name 'The Lesson' is meant as a metaphor for things happening in that world of today! Ignornace and arrogance are taking place there and with our songs we want to show that there could always be away to fight against things like that!!! Actually we are more than just a band we are the best friends you could be and there is nothing which can change this! We play our songs as tight as we can! So sing along with us because this is all we want, this is our dream - people we don't know singing our songs and having fun at our shows!

THE LESSON è presentato in Italia da POISON FOR SOULS

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