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The four italian friends follow up last year’s collab, Synthemilk, by finding inspiration in their common homeland, joining forces for a Mediterranean-infused electro house heater. Birthed in a combination of LA and Naples, Black Sun brings traditional Mediterranean sounds in an aggressive modern package.

“Me and Daddy’s Groove met up at their studio in Naples last summer, and while showing each other the tracks we were working on, we came up with the idea of having a track with an epic breakdown influenced by Mediterranean folk music,” Rampino says. “I am fascinated with Naples, I think the energy of the city had an influence on this track we did together.”

Daddy’s Groove said that as with many great joint projects, the idea took shape over food.

“We met with our friend Rocco and had a great dinner… Rocco and us are food fetishists, as often happens in the south of Italy. He played us a kind of arabian melody with some interesting chords in it, so we started from there in the studio to collab on our new banger.. hope you enjoy the result,”

CONGOROCK è presentato in Italia da MAC MAC

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